E3R Testimonials

"Jim Caldwell is committed to changing the world for the better, and he's got the knowledge and skills to do it. After he started Pacific Rim Connections, we made a lot of customers happy by solving their multilingual computing problems or preparing them for cross-cultural business negotiations. But it was more than that: it was about helping people to communicate more and fight less. With his new company, E3Regenesis, he's out to change more than just the Pacific Rim. This time it's the planet he's saving, one cow pie at a time. It takes a lot of vision to see the future in a pile of old tires. Jim's got the vision, the drive and the tools. Listen to him."

Joe Katz, General Manager, Pacific Rim Connections


"Jim has great vision, he sees things several steps ahead that others won't see."

Donna Ling, Project Manager, Pacific Rim Connections, Inc.


"Deep experience in the multilingual computing arena."

Wei-Tai Kwok, Managing Director, Ion Global,