E3R NGO Partners

E3R allies with some of today's most forward thinking NGOs. Below are some of our esteemed NGO allies:

The California Biomass Collaborative (biomass.ucdavis.edu) is a statewide collaboration of government, industry, environmental groups, and educational institutions administered for the state by the University of California, Davis. Sponsored by the California Energy Commission and other agency and industry partners, the Collaborative works to enhance the sustainable management and development of biomass in California for the production of renewable energy, biofuels, and products. E3 Regenesis works with The California Biomass Collaborative to identify collaborative opportunities among the members from diverse sectors to generate clean energy and green jobs from biomass conversion.

Preparing Asians and Americans for a shared future

Asia Society is the leading global and pan-Asian organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of the United States and Asia. We seek to increase knowledge and enhance dialogue, encourage creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of arts and culture, policy and business, and education.

Founded in 1956, Asia Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution with offices in Hong KongHoustonLos AngelesManila,MelbourneMumbaiNew YorkSan FranciscoSeoulShanghai, and Washington, DC.

A nonprofit, Conexions (conexions.org) offers a wide range of programs and initiatives that benefit the local communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Their focus on positive, proactive actions that connect us to the natural world—called regenerative action—benefits all life on the planet we share. Conexions' "Sustainovation" programs highlight the best Green practices in local organizations, provide world-class speakers and practical case-studies.  They offer on-site presentations that demonstrate the business case for creating an integrated bottom line. Jim Caldwell of E3 Regenesis served as President of the Conexions Board.
E3 Regenesis CEO Jim Caldwell is one of the founders and is a Director of The US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) (ucgef.org/en), begun in 2008 by a group of leading business, technology, academic, and government policy groups in the US and China.  Its mission is to serve as a collaborative platform in the urgent search for solutions to global warming, energy security, and environmental pollution. UCGEC is holding its 3rd annual Conference in China in June, 2010.
Founded by Krishna Seshan, PhD, and Fred Barez, PhD, Project Enable (www.projectenable.com) is a program for engineering students at San Jose State University to make, design, modify and invent tools and gadgets to help the disabled, using electromagnetic, robotic, as well as simple mechanical and electrical tools. E3 Regenesis is a sponsor of Project Enable.
Begun as a think tank dedicated to the study of major economic and social issues relating to China, The 1990 Institute (1990institute.org/en) has produced books and issue papers, and sponsored conferences and symposia on a number of topics. Over the years, the Institute has expanded the scope of its activities to become an action-oriented think tank that produces real and measurable results in China in areas ranging from girls education, to cross-cultural communication with a focus on art and the environment, to microfinance, to a biofuels initiative. Jim Caldwell of E3 Regenesis  has been a Director of the Institute since its founding in 1990.
Part of The 1990 Institute, e-Planet (www.e-planet.org/) is a community founded to enable dialogue about the environment among children and teachers in China, USA, and the world through the universal language of art. Jim Caldwell has helped to lead the Children's Art and the Environment project.